Andrew's Marketing Experience with FATHER-IN-SAW 

with organic results Toledo marketing agencies can't match

Find Your Inspiration 

I started the hobby of woodworking in 2016 after being inspired by my wife's grandfather's handmade wooden models of farm machinery.  Pictured below are a fraction of his creations which appropriately rest in his own exhibit hall in a museum located in New York.

Start Somewhere

I wanted to to something more practical so I created an interchangeable wooden wine stopper.  The design process involved its fair share of trial and error.  Presented below is the original concept drawing and the progression leading to the final product.

Expand Your Product Line

and Eliminate Products that Don't Meet Expectations

Knowing your target audience is vital.  I branched out from wine stoppers and made other wooden projects.  Shown below are some of the wooden creations I've made.

Think Retail

From creating my own displays and signage, to selling at craft fairs one must be aware of packaging and  brand awareness.   Think about the customer throughout the entire sales process.  

Learn a Little SEO

I didn't just make a bunch of wooden things and hope for the best.  Knowing a little SEO always helps too.  Spend some time and reflect on what the search engines want to see too.  Pictured below are my SEO results using EtsyRank.

Celebrate Achievements

The brand I started can be found in not just one, but seven mainstream magazines.  Father-In-Saw was recognized by Better Homes & Gardens, AllRecipes, Shape, Fitness, Parenting, MyWedding, and More Magazines. Click each image for proof. 

Areas I Serve

Andrew V. Gardner is located in Toledo, OH and serves clients in and around


Holland, Maumee, Northwood, Oregon, Perrysburg, Rossford, Sylvania, and Toledo


Toledo area townships

Monclova Township, Perrysburg Township, Springfield Township, Washington Township


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