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Toledo Needs Small Business Marketing

With the recent events such as the Anderson's closing its retail, Sears closing up shop, and now 28 year old local garden centers closing for good, it really shows the harsh reality that small businesses in Toledo, Ohio are struggling to survive.

I have listened to countless town officials’ parade their various “Care about Toledo” campaigns. The reality is even though they try to persuade the people of Toledo to solicit your businesses; they have allowed the politics to govern which businesses thrive around here. Thus, you see a Promedica location on every corner.

Regardless, if you are a Promedica fan or not, someday there will be a lot of vacant properties from what used to be these medical centers as they will find other locations to best serve their patients. Promedica are actually real-estate investors, they are not medical centers. They move along and build a building to try and drive the competition away, when the competition builds one nearby, they choose a different location (this is an ongoing process) and someday they realize those locations can be sold off to other investors for a hefty price because Promedica did the work and established a successful place from that prime real estate. When that time comes, Toledo will take a wallop, and will have big changes for small business.

By taking a look at your small Toledo business now and where Toledo is headed, you can start to plan for this inevitable scenario. Marketing strategies are a critical step for the survival of your business and something you can look into at any point in time during your operation. It’s never too late to look into creating or improving your marketing strategy. Small Toledo businesses like yours will succumb to trying to pick up the pieces when a big change to the area occurs. The goal of my marketing strategy is to create a plan where we look at your business in the long term. This is usually a hard concept for small businesses as they aren’t really sure what tomorrow will bring. If you look at Toledo marketing agencies they do not have long-term in mind for you. They want to give you sell you on ideas they have and are short-term (wastes of money). The term "SMALL business" doesn't mean your dumb. Heck I'm 5'4". I know a thing or too about how smalls are treated, and I have your best interest in mind.

Intrigued? Contact me if you are ready to think long-term.

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