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How can I promote my small business for free?

I'm not sure how many of you heard the news, but Facebook is changing the news feed yet again. It's going to start to prioritize local news... which leads me into this little trick for you.

A great free way to promote your small business in Toledo, Ohio is to talk with news stations, newspapers, and radio stations. They love a good story about new and upcoming businesses around the Toledo and surrounding areas.

Newsrooms have a submit news tip box located on their main homepage that you can fill out. I suggest watching your timing with this suggestion and think about the day of the week you are submitting (is it a slow news day?), if so you have a better chance of receiving a phone call, which leads me to remind you to make sure you have your phone turned on after you submit your news tip to them. (Duh, I know)

Just because you see the same familiar faces on the air doesn’t mean they are the first point of contact with filtering the news tips. Make sure you are nice to the gatekeepers. After submitting your news tip and you get an e-mail auto-reply hang tight. They get a lot of tips and will eventually read yours, although have a time frame in mind to send a polite follow-up as sometimes things happen.

So you are looking for a realistic time for when the news stations might contact you aside from that auto-reply? From previous experience, the news stations can respond back to you anywhere within a half hour (happened), up to a few hours later and sometimes even the next week. All depends how busy they are. With that being said, this is a quick way of promoting your small business for free.

Get out there and submit your news tips to the Toledo newsrooms and tell them Andrew V. Gardner sent you.

This little trick should get your message seen by a lot more people in your local community. I guess you can thank me for posting this advice and for Facebook for

prioritizing local news. Take heed.

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