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Social Media Marketing – Copy and Paste Status Decreases Credibility

Social Media Marketing – Copy and Paste Status Decreases Credibility

I’m quickly losing faith in the Toledo marketing community after reading the latest post from a CEO at a local Toledo marketing agency. I implore you to not only research the company, but its top executives online before signing up with a Toledo marketing firm either as a client or as an employee. It’s not just what they put on their website; it’s what they spread to the world. Today, I lost my faith in not just a Facebook friend, but now a company. Additionally, I’m strongly questioning the intelligence behind the many marketing agencies in my local area to provide adequate marketing efforts for their clients. It is with my great displeasure to introduce the power of copy paste statuses and how it decreases your credibility.

I will not copy and paste your idiotic Facebook post telling me to “copy and paste this post” in order to outsmart Facebook’s algorithm. Here’s the thing Mr. marketing CEO… you don’t know marketing too well, and it can’t be clearer that you need to research social media further prior to attempting to gain any leads managing or even writing posts for current or potential clients. Let’s just start out with the obvious; this is a TERRIBLE approach not just for business, but for networking opportunities, and friendships.


What are the two words that make up the term social media? Let’s just focus one the first word of the term as it appears we need to go way back to marketing 101 for you. Mr. CEO, the first word of social media is social. Now can you tell me, what does social mean? It means relating to other people. How does someone relate to other people? The answer is by communicating. Examples of this include conversing, spending time with each other, talking about different topics, and having some form of companionship.

Now here’s the thing, Mr. marketing CEO now that we understand the basic principal behind the word social. Now we have to APPLY this knowledge and use it. That means by talking with others, sharing your experiences, and asking questions. Building connections and putting yourself out there is part of this equation. That means, posting a Facebook status and doing nothing with it isn’t going to produce anything. More important than any published Facebook post, is INTERACTION. You need to interact with others. When you don’t interact, you aren’t being social. The solution is that simplistic. Facebook likes you to be social. Be social and be rewarded.

I’m appalled that I once interviewed with your company. I will not be recommending your services as you still have a lot of learning to do, both on the company side and on a personal-level. By showing this kind of ignorance and sloth to the community, you are adding further ignorance to the world. This doesn’t help anyone. It only hurts your authority and drives sales down for your company. I wish you well Mr. marketing CEO, but a single status giving laypersons inaccurate and uneducated “marketing advice” is just horrible. I do not support this. Your friends, family, and even acquaintances need to be treated with more respect than a “copy and paste this to make you more visible to others” approach. Make the world a better place and choose to grow. It’s critical that you must learn BEFORE you attempt to teach others. You have not learned prior to this post, so I can only hope that this educates you on just the basic foundation behind social media and how it truly can impact your views, relationships, and even your business.

Looking for other digital marketing and social media marketing strategies? Andrew Gardner wants to work with your team today.

Andrew’s marketing strategies resulted in 29 handcrafted wooden products featured in 7 mainstream magazines 51 times to date. His business management knowledge combined with a decade of vast practical experience in marketing and sales, have given him the skills and strategic vision to develop and execute 2 successful Toledo small businesses from scratch, all while being a stay-at-home dad. Gardner’s remarkable digital marketing efforts for his own brand includes the advertising, content marketing, logo design, packaging, pricing, photography, manufacturing, marketing research, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, and social media marketing for FATHER-IN-SAW. Several acclaimed magazines, including but not limited to Better Homes and Gardens, Fitness, Shape, and Parenting featured Gardner’s own brand.

Contact Andrew Gardner to be your marketing professional today at


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