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SEO URL Structure Advice from Toledo Marketing Professional

SEO URL structure Toledo Marketing Services

It has been brought to my attention that even the Toledo marketing agencies can benefit from this following piece of marketing advice. Any professional company that touts various marketing, sales, and consulting services for large or small businesses needs to showcase at best minimal efforts on their own business website to properly market themselves before attempting to market for clients.

As a potential employee, I look to find ways of helping your marketing agency or your business. The latest learning lesson comes from a local direct marketing business. In researching the company, I found blatant mistakes riddled throughout their site. I was shocked that a marketing company specializing in consulting others in their marketing can’t even get some of the basics down for themselves. I was able to land a meeting with the Founder/CEO. After introductions, we got down to business. We discussed a few of the areas for growth including the basic issues that need improvement. One of these issues was their URL structure.

See below.

A quick solution to this is to exclude dynamic parameters when possible. In layman’s terms, take away all that weird stuff you see that doesn’t make any sense like the symbols and numbers. Sometimes the content management systems default is to include numbers. It’s also important to note that shorter urls are better. This can easily be changed to and rewritten as

Why url structure matters?

First impressions count. When the visitors of your site are both Google and your customers, you need to impress (taking you back to the dating days). A url needs to be as simple as possible. With as few representations of baggage as possible; all it takes is some wonky URL for someone to “swipe” and go to the next business.

Bonus tip:

Use your keywords in your URL. This would translate to your

It doesn’t matter if your business is selling products or services directly to the public via phone or email solicitations or if you are retail, or e-commerce. The point is still the same. People and Google go to your business website and see your marketing efforts. If you can’t directly market to Google and to your customers where they are, you are truly missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Looking for other digital marketing and SEO strategies? Andrew Gardner wants to work with your team today.

Andrew’s marketing strategies resulted in 27 handcrafted wooden products featured in 7 mainstream magazines 49 times to date. His business management knowledge combined with a decade of vast practical experience in marketing and sales, have given him the skills and strategic vision to develop and execute 2 successful Toledo small businesses from scratch, all while being a stay-at-home dad. Gardner’s remarkable digital marketing efforts for his own brand includes the advertising, content marketing, logo design, packaging, pricing, photography, manufacturing, marketing research, marketing strategy, search engine optimization, and social media marketing for FATHER-IN-SAW. Several acclaimed magazines, including but not limited to Better Homes and Gardens, Fitness, Shape, and Parenting featured Gardner’s own brand.

Contact Andrew Gardner to be your marketing professional today at


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